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We install & supply, Gas hobs, Gas stoves,Gas fireplaces,Gas braai’s, Gas cages to name a few. We also do COC’s as well as projects.

Lotco is a family run business, and we pride ourselves in excellent service with a high standard in work ethics.

We offer affordable solutions to the residential industry, we can supply and/or do installation of gas stoves, hobs, fireplaces, braais as well as COC’s.

We also do projects that include bigger contracts within the residential gas sector.


What disease has held you back in the past?

What’s the one thing keeping you from living your life to the fullest?

Cancer? Auto-Immune? How about stress or insomnia? How much have you spent on medical bills in the past few years?

Medical science doesn’t have all the answers.

I have often asked medical professionals the following question: “Why would the immune system attack the body that it was supposed to protect?”

The answers were shoulder shrugs and, “We don’t know”.

Jody Bertrand knows that the body can heal itself when all toxins are removed and the right nutrients are available.

The Jody Bertrand Protocols show patients exactly how to reclaim their health.

No guesswork needed.

It’s time to take your life back. Reclaim your health today.

Phone : 061 707 7562


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083 995 1065

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Provide accounting and tax services to business’s and individuals. Also have a variety of other services, send me a whatsapp with your email details and I will forward you our profile.. We also deal with trusts, deceased estates and drafting of wills.

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